Patrick Jennings in Rishikesh, India

Writer, poet, photographer, filmmaker, traveler and occasional didjeridu player. I’ve created several blogs and websites over the years. Thesaurus Game is the newest, an effort made for the love of words. Pix to Words launched in 2015, and is absolutely the most prolific.

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Patrick Jennings

I started playing the Thesaurus Game in the 1980s, with my girlfriend in university. It was just the two of us, picking synonyms and passing the thesaurus back and forth. We both loved learning new words, and also talking about why we’d picked one synonym over another. Often, the best part was just seeing where the words would take us — which more often than not reflected what was going on in our heads, consciously and unconsciously. That made every game a bit of a journey. And, sometimes, the end point of that journey was the beginning of another. If you get my drift.

Thirty years later, I was in a long distance relationship with another word lover and we started playing by email. That changed the character of the game. Two writers unleashed into their passion for words. She was the one who taught me to appreciate the sensations of speaking a word as much as its sound and meaning. Some of the best things I’ve ever read or written were exchanged in those emails.

I thought then that this might make a cool game to play online. I even bought the domain name. Just, never got around to creating the actual game.

A few years later I started Pix to Words which combines my passion for photography with the one for writing. There, I generally use the photographs as inspiration for words. That inspirational collaboration of imagery and text revealed my inner poet. But I can honestly say playing the Thesaurus Game made me a better poet. I feel the words in my body and my spirit even as they’re taking shape in my mind. I hear them so clearly, I don’t need to speak them out loud.

Now it’s a few years after that, and my ISP just let me know my long dormant domain name needed some attention. After looking after things that needed looking after, I still had some social distance time on my hands, so, here’s something of an exploratory step.

Hopefully, you all will find this game as enchanting and inspiring as we have.