In response to Refrain

As global demonstrations to end racism in all its forms spread; as the authoritarian ramifications of populism strain the world’s leading democracies; as the the destructive, oppressive nature of wealth inequality worldwide thrusts the world’s middle-classes into vulnerability, and the already vulnerable deeper and deeper into life-threatening conditions: how could I refrain from choosing resist? 😉

Though renounce, restrain and halt are definitely on the table, resistance is what’s colouring this moment in time.

Abstain is simply not an option.


abide, combat, confront, continue, curb, defy, endure, forgo, maintain, prevent, refuse, repel, thwartmore synonyms

Want to Play?

You can think of this game as a one-word writing prompt. Instead of being given the word, you’re being given a list of synonyms to choose your one word from. But if you just want to think of it as a game, it’s one of those games without winners or losers. Well, maybe everybody wins.

Here are the rules.

Come Out and Play!

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