In response to Linger

Hmmmm… dawdle, drift, idle, remain, stay, stick around, wait….

It’s kinda hard to not go with Dawdle here. I mean… this is one of those words that looks, sounds and even feels like what it means. Dawdle. Aurally, it sounds like a cousin to doddering, which also speaks to an absent-minded state of … not quite confusion … meandering ambivalence (also a great word).

Waking someone from their dawdling reverie should always result in a “Huh, what?”

Want to Play?

First, pick a synonym from below. Use that synonym as inspiration to create something new: words, images, sound, video … just about anything, really.

You can think of this game as a one-word prompt. Rather than give you the one word, I’m giving you a list of synonyms to choose your one word from. It’s one of those games without winners or losers. Well, maybe everybody wins.

Here are the rules.

Some Dawdle Synonyms:

laze, loiter, mosey, procrastinate, saunter, amble,dally, dilly-dallymore synonyms

Come Out and Play!

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