[Move] Stealthily

In response to Prowl

Prowl synonyms: move stealthily, slink, skulk, sneak, stalk, creep, roam, rove, cruise, hunt….

Stealthily, like most adverbs, is a little awkward on the tongue. Writers tend to stick with the verb forms for that reason, and because it is always better for a character to act than to tell the reader how the character acts.

I love the inflection which differentiates prowl and moving stealthily (my, that is a mouthful! From now on, simply stealth). Both denote an objective, but for one the objective is hunting undetected, and the other simply to remain undetected, whether to hunt, observe, linger, or escape — or, in this case, do no more than move invisibly.

Stealth is an invisibility cloak, or camouflage, quiet movement, or disappearing into a crowd. It’s flying under the radar, whether physically, figuratively, emotionally or socially. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of being still when prying eyes seek movement.

Stealth is the stuff of spies, war and games, of business and politics. Stealth is for the secretive, and those who would uncover secrets.

Stealth is a good word which, when whispered, seems to sneak up on you.

Though, uttering stealthily tends to give one away. šŸ˜‰

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Some [Move] Stealthily Synonyms:

slyly, secretly, covertly, surreptitiously, clandestinely, shrewdly, confidentially, slyly, sneakily… more synonyms

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