In response to Privacy (by I Do Run in the post Anniversary Hike – Three Haikus)

Some Privacy synonyms: seclusion, privateness, confidentiality, solitude, isolation, retirement, peace, concealment, quietness, reclusion….
Running, Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon, United States of America

I Do Run responded to the word Clandestinely, and while she chose the synonym “Privately”, the word she used for her post is “Privacy”, so that’s what I’ll run with here (pun unintended, really!).

The synonyms for privacy open up a number of tasty possibilities, words which I often use as themes in my writing and poetry: solitude, isolation, peace, quietness… they appear so often it’s possible to consider them emblematic.

What fascinates me about this collection of synonyms is the interplay of meanings for those of us in recovery or, perhaps more broadly, those of us on the path of spiritual or personal growth. These are the words of practice, a pursuit which navigates darkness and the light, seeks to know each while, ultimately, learning the balance which brings insight and meaning. And so, this poem… a brief slice of pilgrimage and an exploration of…



In solitude
Peace and isolation

In isolation
Concealment and discovery

In peace
A deep breath and a sigh



The second line in each couplet presents a pairing of darkness and light. Be careful of the tendency to imbue either side of the pair with purely negative or purely positive contexts. Think of them, instead, as complementary elements and tools we use in our pilgrimages of awakening.

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Some Solitude Synonyms:

aloneness, insulation, isolation, peace, privacy, secludedness, seclusion, segregation, separateness, sequestration, solitariness… more synonyms

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