In response to the synonym Adrift, by Dancing Echoes in the post Stone

Some Adrift synonyms: afloat, aimless, directionless, goalless, purposeless, amiss, astray, erring, wrong, drifting, loose. unanchored, unmoored….

Drifting in the cosmos
One earthbound traveler
Shipwrecked by birth
On a feckless speck of orb
Drifting through eddies
Of space and time
Within an eternal infinity
Of near emptiness

What other glories
In a vastness beyond imagining
Could I be missing
While captive on this slow train
With its spiraling track
Destined for cataclysmic end
Compressed to a pinprick
In the crushing density
Of an ultimate darkness
Which I will have eons before
Lost the privilege to witness

Ahh, yes, but the glories
Even of this infinitesimal snippet
Of forever and for all
Seem compensation enough
For a being so small
And insignificant
As I

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Some Drifting Synonyms:

amble, flit, float, flow, flutter, hover, linger, meander, ride, sail, slide, stray, waft, wander… more synonyms

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Here are the rules.

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