Mindfills responded to the Thesaurus Game word Sly, choosing the synonym Artful

Some Artful synonyms: cunning, sly, wily, crafty, deceptive, dishonest, disingenuous, duplicitous, beguiling, ingenious, imaginative, innovative, artistic, whimsical, beautiful, aesthetical, superb, suave, damaging, malign, bad, cruel, dangerous, bothersome… many, many more.

Artful is a word replete with numerous meanings and it would seem no end of possible synonyms. (Check out the WordHippo entry!) But I only get one so…


Palau De Les Arts, Ciuitat De Les Arts I Les Sciences, Valencia, Spain
In a time (rightly) consumed by matters of no small urgency, in which even the humour grows increasingly dark and divisive, the need for whimsy is ever more critical.

I say that with neither irony nor whimsy.

Just to sneak a bit of whimsy into the post, here’s a photograph of the Palau De Les Arts, at the Ciutat De Les Arts I Les Sciences, Valencia, Spain, which is  among the most whimsical structures I’ve ever seen.

My work is done here. 🙂

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Some Sly Synonyms:

amusing, comical, eccentric, funny, mischievous, odd, unusual, weird, capricious, fantastic, flaky, peculiar, queer, quizzical, waggish… more synonyms

EZPZ, right?

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