Mindfills responded to the Thesaurus Game word Whimsical, choosing the synonym Caprice

Some Caprice synonyms: freak, whim, vagary, whimsy, impulse, quirk, kink, megrim, changeableness, eccentricity, fickleness, foible, inconsistency… more.

Foible is one of those awkward words. Awkward in its voicing, in the sound of it, and in its meaning. I sat with the word for a bit, hoping for some poetry… but it’s not a word for which the lyrical comes running. (In the category of “Rhymes with Foible”: deubel, greubel, loibl, roybal. I’m not even going to bother looking those up.)

It’s not even a word with very much oomph to it. A foible or two hardly makes one a sociopath or felon. On the contrary, unless they’re hurtful or malicious, it’s often the minor weaknesses and eccentricities which make for an interesting character.

I have a weakness for words, for going on-and-on-and-on about them. Just one of my foibles. I hope it’s not too, too awkward for you. 😉

Want to Play?

First, you can play any word offered by any post, or any comment, at any time. No deadlines.

To play the word in this post, pick a synonym from below or any other synonym you can find. Now tell us what you picked in a comment. If you like, add a few words (or a bunch of words) about why you picked it. Or maybe use it to inspire a poem or micro-fiction or… well, anything you like.

Some Foible Synonyms:

eccentricity, failing, frailty, idiosyncrasy, infirmity, peculiarity, quirk, shortcoming, weakness… more synonyms

EZPZ, right?

Just … play nice. (Check out the conditions of play if you’re not sure what nice means. 😉 )

You can also play by replying to any of the comments other people post. Use a thesaurus to find a synonym for the word in the comment, and reply with that.

Advanced Play

Want to play the advanced game? Use your chosen synonym as inspiration to create a new blog post: words, images, sound, video … just about anything, really.

You can think of this game as a one-word creativity prompt. Rather than give you the one word, I’m giving you a list of synonyms to choose your one word from.

I’ll post new words … frequently. Probably not daily, but often. However, there’s no hourglass counting down the time you have left. Feel free to play any word at any time.

If you create something I think is really cool, I’ll ask if we can repost it here, as a new word for others to play.

Here are the rules.


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